Entry #1

Newground virgin

2009-10-13 07:33:21 by BrosMc

Okay so we've set up a Newgrounds account. Hopefully we're gonna have time to make a few short flash comedies again this coming year.

We started out in about 2000 making stuff - most of which appeared on the interweb tinternet - before we went professional. As a result we've spent the last couple of years working mainly on other folks projects (which is great of course!) But we're hoping to do something that's just stuff that comes out of our heads soon.

More vids at our website and our YouTube page.


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2009-10-23 13:15:51

Nice to see you round these parts, guys. ;D

BrosMc responds:

Cheers Ben!


2009-12-21 02:01:07

How much do you get paid to do other peoples projects? Also I like your animations.


2009-12-21 02:01:44

*To animate other peoples projects I mean.